Our Projects

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Active Projects

Projects in an active status are being developed, and expanded to bring new features to our users. Releases will be common, and there will usually be pre-release versions of these packages available with developing features.


Repository abstractions for Entity Framework, nHibernate and RavenDB


Easier UI Testing for Microsoft’s CodedUI, including jQuery selectors for Web


Extension methods for the .NET Framework, and other library functions.

Stable Projects

Projects in a stable status are supported, but are considered to currently meet all needs of the users. Releases will still occur, but you should expect that they will be smaller and incremental updates.


Tool for creating project template NuGet packages


Project template NuGet package for MVC with IoC, Filters, Logging, and more.


Project template NuGet package for Windows Services with IoC, Logging, etc.

Incubating Projects

Projects in an incubating status are not stable, their APIs may substantially change, or the project may be terminated entirely if the team decides that the projects lack support, fail to address industry needs, or that there are better solutions in the marketplace.


Environment initialization and build script helpers

Inactive Projects

Projects in an inactive status are no longer supported or developed. You should try to avoid using these projects in new projects, and develop concrete plans to retire code which uses them in production code.

  • None currently