First, run the following two lines, which will download the current script, and run it.

(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("") > RunMe.ps1


Now setup your configuration by editing the RunMe.config.ps1 file. This will always be the file you edit, you shouldn’t ever need to modify RunMe.ps1. The following commands are supported:

  • chocolatey <package-name> will install the named package (see for a list)
    • -source is an optional switch that lets you specify another chocolatey feed or source
  • gem <gem-name> will install a Ruby gem (see for a list)
  • windows <feature-name> will install the named feature (execute clist -source windowsfeatures to see a possible list, only available after you’ve executed RunMe.ps1 a second time currently)
  • profile <powershell-command> adds the listed PowerShell command to the current user’s current profile.
  • alias <alias-name> <command> adds an alias to the current user’s current PowerShell profile.
  • psget <module-name> will install a PowerShell module (see for a list)