Core Team

Devlin Liles - Lead for Data and Insurance

Devlin Liles is a Vice President at Improving Enterprises in Houston and a passionate technologist. Devlin prides himself on staying a generalist, but his passion in development is data and its interactions. These passions gained him the recognition of Microsoft as an MVP of Application Lifecycle Management awardee.

Since 2007 he has been presenting and teaching classes on software development practices and tools to audiences around the nation. He is a regular national presenter at user groups, conferences, and community events. He founded an internal Corporate Software Craftsmanship conference in Northwest Arkansas as well as led the Tyson User group for a year and a half. He has been involved in many conferences and events (Dallas TechFest, Houston TechFest, Houston CodeCamp, Houston GiveCamp, AgileDotNet) as a coordinator; planner; or just a helping hand.

Recently Devlin became published along with his good friend Tim Rayburn as authors of a book about Entity Framework and the expert approach to it.

He is an avid soccer player and hobbyist gamer.

Tim Rayburn - Lead for OnRamper, OnRamps MVC & Services

Tim Rayburn is a Vice President with Improving Enterprises in Dallas, a software and project management consulting company in Dallas, TX. Since 2007 he has been annually awarded the Microsoft MVP for Connected Systems Development in recognition of his expertise and community leadership. He is the organizer of Dallas TechFest, where through the work of an amazing staff they bring an incredible multi-technology conference to life every year in Dallas. He is the author of “Entity Framework 4.1: Expert’s Cookbook”, with Devlin Liles, and can be found speaking across the nation of agile process, distributed architecture, and data access technologies. He lives in Dallas Texas with his amazing wife Kate and their loyal dog Gandalf.


  • Ed Blakes - Contributed to Data
  • Marcin Dzwonnik - Contributed to Data
  • Ken Dale - Contributed to Data
  • Philip Mateescu - Contributed to Data
  • Eric Burcham - Contributed to Data
  • Long Mai - Contributed to Data
  • Brian Sullivan - Contributed to Data
  • Jay Smith - Contributed to Data
  • Cori Drew - Contributed to Data and the Services OnRamp