Highway.RoadCrew v0.1

We’re thrilled to announce the initial release of Highway.RoadCrew. This is a package installer, very similar to bundler from the Ruby world, but built on top of the amazing Chocolatey package manager, and PsGet PowerShell Module directory. To get started, this is all you need to know:


First, run the following two lines, which will download the current script, and run it.

(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("http://bit.ly/hwyfwk-rc") > RunMe.ps1


Now setup your configuration by editing the RunMe.config.ps1 file. This will always be the file you edit, you shouldn’t ever need to modify RunMe.ps1. The following commands are supported:

  • chocolatey <package-name> will install the named package (see http://chocolatey.org/ for a list)
    • -source is an optional switch that lets you specify another chocolatey feed or source
  • gem <gem-name> will install a Ruby gem (see http://rubygems.org/ for a list)
  • windows <feature-name> will install the named feature (execute clist -source windowsfeatures to see a possible list, only available after you’ve executed RunMe.ps1 a second time currently)
  • profile <powershell-command> adds the listed PowerShell command to the current user’s current profile.
  • alias <alias-name> <command> adds an alias to the current user’s current PowerShell profile.
  • psget <module-name> will install a PsGet.net PowerShell module (see http://psget.net/ for a list)